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Finished collaboration of another hot ass Strider provided by myself and mengelexemplar who did the sketch and lineart and left it to me for the coloring.
I had a lot of fun while putting many many hours into his for me unusual lineart, all the small details and color scheme itself! The dotwork in the background killed me tho.

-> Lineart post
Scanned Version is going to come soon!

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What if Jane wasn’t drawn all super skinny though?  Because I thought in comic she was described as not skinny.  

Jane isn’t thin in the standard way people think of thin now a day. She is what we would call plump and well built. She has a hour hourglass shape since her hips and shoulder width are pretty equal, and she does dip in on her sides, she has been described as busty, I like to imagine her as a size 14 jean and a large top. the large is more for her chest then her actual waist. Although she is still very self conscious of her body for the fact she really isn’t as thin as Roxy or how social media says we should view what thin is. Everyone has their own view of the characters though and that is fine, but canonically, No, Jane is not as thin as Roxy, Jade, or Rose, out of the girls she is just slightly more filled out, but that doesn’t in any fact of the matter mean she is fat.

Chubby Jane is pure fanon. Caliborn’s opinion is not to be trusted.

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